This is how I appear to most people

Hi! I’m Jacqueline. I shoot critters in the field, strangers on the streets…
and events in between.

Pause awhile. Look at daily life unfolding around you. Imagine you’re on safari in the urban savannah, observing people as you would wildlife – with an inquisitive eye, regarding them as at once familiar and strange, sometimes amusing, and often intriguing.

That’s what I do.

No, I’m not a creep, just an unassuming lass with a healthy dose of curiosity and a hunger to document. Through the lens, I peek into and connect with the lives of others. The images I make remind us of our common humanity and beautiful mundanity. Whenever possible, I share copies of my photos with the good people who feature in them, and have my life enriched in turn by their stories: from the hotel owner who who named his Jack Russell terrier after a celebrity sumo wrestler to the hippy accordion busker who runs a recording studio and moonlights as a chef.

It helps that I have had the fortune of growing up amongst many cultures. Having lived in Asia, Australia, and the UK, I enjoy viewing the world from multiple perspectives. That is easier said than done (physically), since I am rather petite (even for an Asian) and have taken to scaling things to reach vantage points, literally and figuratively. A monopod would sometimes work, like an upgraded selfie stick (I abhor those things).

Kit List

Daily companion: Fuji X100S
Workhorses: Dual-wielded Fuji X-T1s with an assortment of Fuji prime and zoom lenses
Macro rig: Zeiss Touit 50mm f/2.8, Raynox DCR-250, Nissin i40 flashguns and DIY’d diffuser and bracket mount
Favourite bags: F-Stop Guru, Domke F-3X, Tenba DNA 11, and ONA The Bowery
Retired: An entire Nikon DSLR system – no regrets there

How can I help?

If you are looking for a photographer and enjoy my documentary reportage style, do get in touch! I also welcome requests or enquiries regarding existing image use.

My photos have appeared in many places in print and web, from books to broadsheets, stamps to SIM cards. My editorial images are currrently licensed through Alamy, and previously through Demotix/Corbis.

Incidentally, I also dabble in graphics design and am good with text. Need help with designing, copywriting, copy-editing, and proofreading? Just ask! You can find samples of my work in my portfolio.

Beyond photography

Professionally, I wear multiple hats: projectsmith, wordsmith, mediasmith. I specialise in project management, communications, and outreach for conservation/environmental and youth development organisations. My mission in life is to craft a more sustainable and equitable world.

I come from a multidisciplinary and international background and thrive in the exciting spaces where things intersect: where ‘nature’ meets culture, where science meets policy, where logic meets creativity, and where ideas meets reality. Armed with a versatile skill set and a tenacious, entrepreneurial drive, I aspire to be a force for good… …

… while I could prattle on, I think I’d rather not (or rather, I daresay you would rather that I not).

All the fancy details are on LinkedIn.

Just one more thing: I am an occasional geek.